What is RELE

Our vision and cooperation
The Norwegian Assosiation Of Cleaning Suppliers (RELE) was founded on 2 December 1974. The association seeks to bring together companies that produce and market products for the professional cleaning industry in Norway, and work across the industry to promote issues that are of common interest to members.

Our vision: RELE shall safeguard and develop the cleaning industry’s reputation through professional and social activities determined by the members ”. The association has strict guidelines in relation to the Competition Act, – Download our guidelines and read more here. Drive information to raise the industry’s reputation. Work for healthy business conditions in the industry

Be a liaison body in relation to central authorities.

We are the host for the biggest Norwegian cleaning exhibitions, both national and regional, with locations in Oslo – Trondheim- Bergen -Stavanger.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions,

e-mail adress: post@rele.org